Sinus Doctor Aluquerque NM
Services & Procedures

ENT Services & Procedures

Some of the many conditions treated and procedures performed by Dr. Gerencer:

Comprehensive and Revision Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – Dr. Gerencer has performed over 5,000 endoscopic sinus operations completely and safely over the past 15 years without a single intracranial or intraorbital injury.


Nasal Polyps

  • Medical Management
  • Nasal Polyps Surgery

Nasal and Sinus Tumors

  • Both Endoscopic and External Surgical Approaches

Deviated Septum

  • Septoplasty

Nasoseptal Perforations

  • Revision Septoplasty
  • Septal Perforation Surgery


  • Medical Therapies and Screening


  • The In-Office Celon Palate Procedure

Sleep Apnea

  • Sleep Apnea Surgery
  • Central and Complex Treatments


  • Thyroplasty
  • Vocal Cord Augmentation Procedures

Head and Neck Cancer

  • Head and Neck Surgeries